Mooncake on Moon Cake Festival

As a perfectionist, I didn’t know my heart was capable of loving anything with imperfections this much, until i met you. IMG_3243HOW DID I PICK MY DOG: I have been going on Petfinder on and off for some time. Since i no longer had any rabbits in the house, I have been yearning for a pet company in particularly- a dog. I’d always bookmarked the pages of dogs that I would love to adopt, but had never taken any actions towards it. This time round, when i came across two dogs (a black and a brown) which i felt pretty passionate for them, i made the decision to give the caretakers a call. Thankfully, they both have yet to be adopted at that time. Because i felt so strongly for two of them, I had a tough time making a decision. I turned to my sister and mum for advice. My sister said:

Pick the uglier one.” 

Her reasoning was to provide a home for the uglier dog or you could say less wanted dog because the prettier one will have a higher chance of getting adopted by other people.

My mum wasn’t against my will to get a dog, but she really didn’t like the idea of it. She said:

“Later you will look like your dog.

“If you pick a black dog, you are going to be as black as it is.

Hence, based on both of their opinions, the uglier dog would be the one with scar around her mouth. I’m tann enough and I wouldn’t want to risk being any tanner. Thus, the non-black-colour dog would be the brown dog. And that was how I landed the decision to bring ‘Eve’ (her initial name) home.

DSC_9554HOW DID ‘MOONCAKE’s NAME COME BY: A day before i was about to adopt the dog, my dad objected taking up a pet, i was extremely devastated hence the last straw was to sent a long message to dad finding all the reasons to fight for her adoption that night. The next morning, dad surprised me by saying yes i could and suggested naming her Mooncake because on that day it was Moon Cake Festival, that’s how her name came by. Mooncake’s chocolate coat of hair is the colour of a moon cake. It also meant a lot because moon cake depicts ‘tuan yuan’- reunion and my family weren’t really close and i was hoping Mooncake would be the miracle to a closer knitted happier family.

DSC_9458WHAT IS ON MOONCAKE’s FACE: If you are wondering what’s the thing beside her mouth, Mooncake was abused and left on the street with a wire tied around her mouth, which explains why there’s an empty patch of hair on her face. Nonetheless, she’s beautiful isn’t she. Despite once being abused, Mooncake wears her scar proudly as though its her badges of courage, survival, resilience and forgiveness towards mankind.

To a healthy and happy Mooncake, and family. 

Happy photos by @calwinwcyy


November ’17 Update

Just a quick update on my life. I’m back at work. My one-year graduate trainee programme has ended, then I had two months of unpaid leave because many things on both ends weren’t finalised yet. Holidays aside, I was hesitating whether to continue work at the same company or apply to elsewhere or go to Shang Hai where my brother is to learn Mandarin.  There were so many uncertainties. As much as I would love to take a longer break from work, mum was pressuring me to get a job ASAP because a 23-year-old shouldn’t be lazing at home without an income. And honestly I was disappointed in myself because besides being a lost case at that point of my life, the two months break weren’t even near the productivity level I’d planned for it to be, ie. read self-help books, read the newspapers.

Anyways that was my struggle in October, things started to brighten up and go my way in November. Being back at work brought so much positivity in me, I was really surprised by how good it feels to be back at work, as though I have finally found my purpose in life again (not being dramatic). It’s funny how a 9-5 supposed-to-be-seemingly-boring desk job brings me adrenaline. It’s a desk job, but I do go out to meet people, speak to people and given the leeway to speak out, propose ideas, plan then execute it. With quite some bit of workload and responsibilities given, I rarely have any time left for other things, as busy as ever. But then again, I have always love being occupied. I get satisfaction from seeing my calendar filled with hand-written schedules. *I’m really sorry that I failed to make time for some friends who have been so persistent in asking my out. 

Work aside, haha otherwise I could have easily gone on talking about it longer than I would. Luck was on my side for my  modelling as well. I’ve gotten quite a few jobs in a month with rather good pay and I’m really thankful to the people who have given me the opportunity to. My social media has garnered a little attention from a modelling agency and a photographer (whom now is not just a photographer to me but a comfort friend rather nice to speak to). The amazing photos here are taken by him, definitely more to come 🙂

Love wise, I think it’s getting better. I’m at my best form since the past one year plus of being lonely, lost, at times desperate.  I think a drunk episode (my worst) a month ago that prompt me to refrain myself from clubbing and drinking till 2018 has helped a lot.

Other than that, Mooncake (my dog) has been keeping me busy, demanding for tonnes of my time and affection. Of course, the love is reciprocal, so long as she continues to respond to my ‘hand’ command and give me lots of smooches, I wouldn’t mind waking up to her ‘pleasant’ surprises every morning (trust me she has never failed to surprise me). Whether it’s torn newspaper or slippers in bits, or broken pots, I’m fine clearing up her mess (perhaps not the pots) and pretending to be angry to educate her (gahh that’s the hardest part). AND AND, mum is starting to love Mooncake, like, a lot. 

Aside from all the ups in life, there are also definitely not so nice things that happened. I cracked my rather-new-phone screen, which means more money going out of my pockets, bear in mind my two months of unemployment means my account balance is flashing red already. And 3 months ago a new camera that I bought was flooded in water in my bag, hence a total new replacement for it, which means spending double the amount for a camera. My plans to get some money in by selling off some of the gifts I have gotten from a competition, i.e. a YSL bag, branded watch didn’t go as plan. Health wise, not so much in my peak form, a badly sprained ankle from a free-trial Muay Thai class I went. Still swollen after 3 weeks. My shoulders and my back are giving way from constantly wearing 5-inches heels. Money gone to treating these discomforts and pain- acupuncture, physio, chiropractor sessions. I’m telling myself it’s not that bad because well.. money can be earned again (trying to say it while clenching my teeth because i know how hard it is to earn money). One thing is for sure, definitely I can’t allow money to dictate my happiness.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAll in all, I’m just really grateful that things are starting to work out for me. Less than a month to Christmas and one-and-a-half to a brand new year 2018. And I’m looking forward to my yearly tradition of writing my new year resolutions and reflecting on 2017 because I’ve achieved some of my major goals. Thinking back, I remembered for more than a year I was searching for ‘The Job’ that I would be pumped to wake up for every morning, basically ‘The Job’ that I love. I’m not certain, but I think, I am liking it.

Okay, time is up. I shall stop now. Brb. Back at work. 

DSC_7531-01From a book I read last year ‘The Crossroads of Should and Must, Find and Follow your Passion’ : To choose Must is to say yes to hardwork and constant effort, to say yes to a journey without a road map or guarantees, and in so doing, to say yes to what Joseph Campbell called “the experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonance without our innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive”. 



Photos taken by: Calvin Wong @calvinwcyy